Obesigard - Fast and safe

  • Do you want to feel good in your body?Guaranteed!
  • Loose and stay on weight longer than ever!Guaranteed!
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Obesigard is the new way to lose weight!

Because losing weight is so easy with Obesigard, you will be more motivated than ever, making it easier to continue until you reach your ideal weight. Obesigard also helps you to maintain your ideal weight (calculate your BMI below, and use it to determine your ideal weight).

Progress never stops, and we know more and more about obesitas its causes. This new knowledge is used to develop a product which helps with losing weight. BioPerine® stimulates the thermogenic effect to faster burn more fat.

Read the clinical research on the ingredients in Obesigard.

GarCitrin® represses the feeling of hunger and reduces the appetite. This makes it easier to stick to the regime.

10 positive properties of Obesigard

  1. Reduces the feeling of hunger
  2. Increased burning of fat
  3. 100% natural
  4. Sensible and safe weight loss
  5. Stimulates the metabolism
  6. Stimulates energy usage
  7. Improves the metabolism
  8. Visible results
  9. Clinically proven benefits
  10. Reducing the creation of fatty acids in the body

Do you want to feel good in
your own body again?

Calculate your weight

Calculate your Quetelet Index and use the results to determine your approach

The Quetelet Index is method to determine obesity or underweight.

The weight and the length of a person is used.

Less than 18: you are too thin and should keep an eye on your health.
18 - 24: ideal weight.
25 - 29: bit overweight, and losing weight is desirable.
30 or more: obese! Obesigard can help you.

Losing weight to reach your ideal weight.

There now is a fat burner developed with the knowledge of the 21st century. The science of natural remedies never stops. In the last few years, we have gained knowledge in every field. We know now why people get fat and why people over-eat. This is because they do not receive the signal: "I am full. I have eaten enough." There are a lot of remedies that can be found in nature which repress the feeling of hunger and thus send the signal: "I am full. I have eaten enough." This remedy makes a gastric band unnecessary. Combine it with a quality fat burner and the weight loss remedy of the 21st century has been created.

Money back on no results

Are you unsatisfied with the achieved results of Obesigard? Do not worry. You can simply return the product within 4 weeks of delivery.

The paid sum will be refunded within 30 days of return.

Read more about the conditions

How do I burn fat on belly, butt and thighs? -

Everyone will say that this is very simple. "Simply exercise more, but this is the hardest thing to keep up." Luckily, Obesigard helps! You will stay motivated if you notice results. The faster you see results, the more motivated you will be. Forslean® supports the process that changes fat into muscle. Muscular people have a lower amount of fat on their bodies, and their bodies are also well developed and in proportion. "You will not only become thinner, but will also look good." Motivate yourself each morning with the words:
I will become thin. I will become pretty.

If you are thin and pretty, you will look self-confident. Your natural

charisma will open doors which stay closed to others. You will radiate and the world will smile at you. Do not give up, but take the plunge today. This is the right moment to take the right decision for your own future.

Each day in which you do nothing, you will get fatter. If you think: "I will start next week!" You will have gained more weight, because you have spend another week eating more and not doing enough. This is why you should say: "I will start now!" You can start today, and might weigh less by next week.

Successful people are those who can make immediate decisions. Losing weight? Yes? Okay, do it now! Decide now to get thinner than you are today.



ForsLean® stimulates the burning of calories. This will make your body use the stored fat. ForsLean® helps you lose weight, as the stored fat will be used as a source of energy. Read more


Garcinia combogia extract is a citrus fruit filled to the brim with Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) Garcinia combogia was introduced to the health food industry as a purely natural plant extract in 1991. Read more


BioPerine® is a pure piperine extract from black pepper fruits grown in moist, fertile ground in southern India. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Obesigard a natural remedy?

Yes, Obesigard is a formula of natural plant extracts. Obesigard contains a unique mixture of 3 important components: ForsLean®, GarCitrin® and BioPerine®.

  • Is Obesigard a natural remedy?
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